Adding an e-mail address to your account

If you sign up for Memento with Facebook, your Facebook account privacy settings may prevent Memento from accessing your e-mail address. If this occurs, Memento will notify you that there is no e-mail address associated with your account and urge you to add one.

Memento uses your e-mail address to send you important notifications, such as when a new video is recorded, or your Group Video creation has finished. It also uses this e-mail address to send you a receipt when you pay for your subscription. To add your e-mail address, click the add one link.

After entering a valid e-mail address, click Update. Memento will immediately e-mail you a 6-digit verification code.

Enter this code when prompted by Memento to verify your e-mail address.

Click Verify E-mail to complete the process.

You will now receive e-mail notifications from Memento!

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