Adding Text to Individual Video Clips

You can add text to Individual Video Clips to add a name and description to individual videos. This will allow you to label the speaker or provide other brief information about the video clip.

Quick How-To:

  1. Select the Edit Video icon (pencil icon) on the individual video clip you would like to edit from your Dashboard.
  2. Select the Text option in the resulting editor tool
  3. Enter the name of the speaker and a description/title.
  4. The changes will appear once the video is placed into the final Group Video.

Please note: Video Clips must be longer than 5 seconds to add a name and description

Step by Step:

  1. Select the Edit Video (Pencil) icon in the Video Clip menu bar beneath the thumbnail.

  1. Select Text from the editing options.

  1. Add the name and description of the person in the video.

  1. Press Apply to save changes.

There will be a blue T icon on the individual video; so that you know text has been added. However, the text will only appear in the Group Video.


For the Memento App:

  1. Click on the Manage Video Clips.

  1. Select the three dots for editing the individual clip. Then choose the pencil icon.

  1. Click the Text (Aa) to add a name and description to the clip and save.

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