Deleting An Individual Video Clip

Outtakes are the name we use for videos that you've chosen to discard and exclude from the final Group Video. There are many reasons for discarding a video to the Outtakes section, for example:

  • Someone submitted a better or duplicate video
  • You recorded a test video to try out recording.
  • Someone's technical difficulties resulted in an unusable video (e.g. no audio)

Quick How-To:

Select the Trash icon on the individual Video Clip to delete it. The Trash icon is located in the top right corner of the video thumbnail.

If the Video Clip is very bright, you might not be able to see the icon, because it is white. If you can't see the icon, just click on where the icon should be.

Once the Trash icon is clicked, the video will be placed below all of the other Video Clips, in the Outtakes section, which will only appear if it has at least one video in it. 

By default, the Outtakes section is hidden, and you can toggle to Show or Hide the videos within it on your dashboard. Video Clips in the Outtakes section will not be used when your Group Video is created. However, they do count toward the total number of videos for the Free Preview limits. 

Restoring Outtakes

To restore a video from the Outtakes section, simply click the toggle button next to your Outtakes sections. Once you can see the list of outtakes, click on the orange Trash icon on the video that you would like to restore, and it will return to your collection of Video Clips.

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