Why Does A Video Clip I Received Have No Sound?

Occasionally, users may encounter video submissions with no sound (no audio at all and not a video that does have sound but is just really quiet). This typically occurs when the app used for submission lacks permission to access the microphone, especially common with videos submitted from iPhones.

Here's a breakdown:

Issue: Submitting from an app without microphone permission

Scenario: When users open the Record & Upload Link within an app (like Facebook), the app may lack permission to access the microphone. This results in recording video without audio, as users may have previously denied microphone access without realizing it.


  1. Record outside the app: Users can record videos using their device's built-in camera app to ensure audio is captured, then upload the video to the Record & Upload Page.
  2. Grant microphone permission: Users can adjust device settings to grant microphone access to the app (e.g., Facebook), allowing audio recording within the app.

Issue: Videos have no sound despite previous audio playback


  • Check device sound settings and ensure speakers are functioning.
  • Ensure the browser hasn't muted the Memento tab, especially in Safari or Firefox.
  • If still no sound, try closing and reopening the browser, using a different browser or device.

For further assistance or if the issue persists, users can reach out to us at help@memento.com.

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