What is Memento?

If you've stumbled upon Memento via our homepage, blog or were invited to participate in a Group Video and want to learn more, you've come to the right place. Memento offers Group Videos! This article explains what a Group Video is and why you may want to create one yourself!

Group Videos

A group video is a video made up of smaller video clips, sent or shown to a recipient (or multiple recipients), usually as a surprise. The individual videos are usually video messages from different people for the recipient, tied together by a common theme.


We like to call these individual videos Video Clips and the combined montage a Group Video.

Making a Group Video for a special occasion is hardly a new idea. Still, in the past, it has been limited to a small group of people with enough time, technical ability, and computing power to make it happen. Memento makes it simple for anyone, anywhere, to create such a delightful surprise.

Group Gift

Group Videos help you create a group gift because we believe that a message is more meaningful and memorable when expressed by a number of people rather than just one.

Why send a Group Video?

Here are just a few of the many reasons that our users create group videos:

Long-Distance Birthday

Have you ever recorded a video of yourself wishing someone a Happy Birthday and sent it to them? If you haven't, you should try it! It's a fun surprise that's free and easy to do. What if you'd like to do that, but instead of just you, you want the video message to include all the family and friends of the person celebrating a birthday? And what if all of those people live in different places? That's what our Group Videos are for! We make it easy and convenient for one person to coordinate creating a group video.

One of the most common reasons people use our Group Videos today is to surprise a special loved one on their birthday. Memento's creation was inspired by a mother's 70th birthday. A birthday where everyone involved lives near each other is easy to celebrate with a traditional party, but in today's world, how often do all of a person's family and friends live nearby? A Group Video helps people living far away from family and friends to receive (or send) heartfelt birthday wishes. Think of it as a virtual surprise party!

Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary

What better way to celebrate a loving union; past, present, or future? A video featuring warm congratulations, funny anecdotes, and long-lost friends is likely to be received with tears of joy!


We remember most about our work is not the work itself or the money, but the people. These days, we meet many great colleagues, some of whom have become friends. If someone you worked with is retiring (or simply moving on to a new opportunity), a retirement or farewell video featuring well-wishes from former co-workers, mentors, and friends is sure to be a much-appreciated trip down memory lane.


How do you get everyone's congratulations to your new graduate when they've been studying in a place far away from family and friends? With a surprise group video, of course!

Moral or Health Support

Special occasions are not the only time to send a Group Video to someone. Whether someone is headed into a challenging time or just emerging from one, a bunch of love and appreciation from people they care about might be just what they need. For example, our customers have used Group Videos to:

  • Support a father headed into major surgery
  • Celebrate a friend for being cancer-free

Remote Employee Appreciation

Remote teams have to get extra creative when it comes to employee engagement and appreciation. Group video calls (e.g., with Zoom) are expensive and tough to coordinate. With Group Videos, you can create a thoughtful and sincere face-to-face message for a remote employee asynchronously, respecting everyone's busy schedules. Remote teams have used Group Videos to:

  • Surprise a team member on their birthday or work anniversary
  • Send a welcome video from the team to a new hire before their first day.
  • Create a fond farewell video for a team member that is moving on


The best way to remember someone is through the people and stories that they leave behind. Many people have used Memento to make videos for funerals and memorials, collecting fond memories in one Group Video as a keepsake and an act of remembrance.

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