Siri Suggestions

iPhone users may encounter repeated notifications related to a Group Video, despite not receiving any text messages or push notifications from Memento. This notification, known as a "Siri Suggestion," may appear as a reminder prompted by Siri, the AI-driven assistant on iPhones.

Siri suggests relevant information, including frequently visited web pages in Safari, and may suggest the Record & Upload Page if visited multiple times.

The notification is known as a ‘ Siri Suggestion,’ and it looks similar to this

Here's a quick guide to disabling Siri Suggestions:

  1. Disable Suggestions on Lock Screen:
    • Navigate to Settings and select "Siri & Search."
    • Scroll down and toggle "Suggestions on Lock Screen" to OFF.
  2. Disable Siri Suggestions for Specific Apps:
    • In Settings, select "Notifications."
    • Choose "Siri Suggestions."
    • Scroll through the list of apps and locate "Safari."
    • Toggle the switch to off.

Following these steps should prevent Siri from suggesting the Record & Upload Page or related content for the Group Video.

Find more information on how to disable Siri Suggestions here.

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