Siri Suggestions

In some cases, iPhone users may encounter repeated (and often undesired) notifications concerning a Group Video that they’ve either organized or been invited to contribute towards.

Memento does not send out any text message reminders or push notifications.

The notification is known as a ‘ Siri Suggestion,’ and it looks similar to this:

Siri is the automated AI-driven assistant on your iPhone and, in the latest versions of iOS, she makes suggestions of things she thinks may be relevant to you. This includes automatically suggesting web pages that you have frequently visited in Safari. If you visited a Record & Upload Page more than once, it might fall into this category.

This reminder is being generated by the Siri software on your phone and not by us. While we are not experts on iOS or iPhone, here is a quick guide to disabling the feature:

Quick guide to disabling Siri Suggestions:

  1. In Settings, select ‘Siri & Search.’
  2. Scroll down and toggle ‘Suggestions on Lock Screen’ to OFF

Quick guide to disabling Siri Suggestions for specific apps:

  1. In Settings, select ‘Notifications.’
  2. Select ‘Siri Suggestions’
  3. Scroll down the list of apps and find ‘Safari.’
  4. Toggle switch to off. 

Please see How to Turn Off Siri Suggestions on Lock Screen for details and screenshots.

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