Selecting Background Music for your Group Video

When you Create Your Group Video, you have the option of including an instrumental background music track. If it fits the occasion well, background music can really enhance the atmosphere and emotion of your video! 

If you set,Add background music? to Yes, you'll be able to select from several songs using the Song dropdown. Once selected, you'll be able to listen to the song to make sure you like it. You can filter by Mood, Genre, and Occasion to narrow down the selections. 

The music will be of a regular volume level during the Intro and Outro, and you can choose whether the music stays at a Normal (lower than during the Intro and Outro) volume, or if it plays (very) Quietly in the background or is (completely) Silent during the Video clips. We recommend choosing Normal first to see how that sounds and reducing it only if needed. During video creation, Memento will normalize the speaking volume of your Video Clips so that most voices will be clearly audible, even if they are quiet in the original video.

Muting Background Music in a Video Clip

In some cases, you may not want background music to play during only one or two Video Clips in the final Group Video. This may be because the Video Clip contains its own music, or people in the Video Clip are singing a song that does not match the background music. Don't worry; you can mute the background music just for these Video Clips!

To do this, from your Dashboard, navigate to the Video Clip you want to mute the background music for and select the Edit Video option.

In the Edit menu, select the Settings tab and toggle the Mute Background Music option to Mute and click Apply to save your choice. Like other edits, if you have already created your Group Video, you will need to re-create it for this new preference to come into effect.

Custom Music - Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, we are unable to allow custom music uploads.

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