My card was declined, what can I do?

"Your card was declined."

When we relay this message from our payment processor, it may seem like Memento has turned down your purchase. However, in most cases, that is not what has happened. For the same purchase attempt, on our payment dashboard, this is what will show:

The purchase is blocked by the bank (or card provider). For every purchase you make with your card, your financial institution analyzes the characteristics of that purchase to ensure that it is safe. They want to protect you from potential fraud. When you purchase Memento, in many cases, the following will be true:

  • It is considered a "cross-border" or international purchase (Memento is based in Canada, eh?)
  • It is with a vendor (Memento) that is not widely recognized (we're still new!)

Some institutions will combine these factors and your usual purchase patterns, and their automated fraud detection algorithms will flag the purchase and block it. There is nothing wrong with your card, and there is nothing wrong with Memento, but they do this as a cautious and protective measure.

How do I fix it?

Because they block the purchase, you need to call your bank or credit card provider (customer service, specifically). The phone number is usually on the back of your card. If you inquire about the Memento purchase, ask why it was blocked, and request that they not block future purchase attempts at Memento, they will almost always be happy to help. Once they've made the change, you should be able to purchase at Memento successfully.

Incorrect Name or Address

Your credit card may be declined when your full name and address are not entered exactly as registered with your credit card. For example, filling out only your first name or listing your address as "6th avenue" instead of "Sixth Avenue" (if that is how it is listed with your credit card) can sometimes cause a charge to be declined.

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