How to send the Group Video to submitters who shared their email

After every Video Clip is submitted, the submitter is given the option to enter their e-mail address to let the organizer know that they would like to see the final Group Video, should the organizer choose to share it.

Group Videos are never automatically shared by Memento. The organizer may choose to share it with only the recipient, a handful of people, or a wider audience. 

To respect the privacy of the organizer and recipient, we do not share the Group Video with anyone who requests to see it through our support channels (other than the organizer). They are advised to contact the organizer directly.

Once the Group Video is created, a Compose E-mail button will appear on your dashboard (including the number of submitted e-mails). Clicking this button will open your default e-mail client with a draft message to share the Group Video. The To: list of the e-mail will include all the submitters who provided their e-mail, except those whose videos were discarded.

 You will see a draft email that includes a short message and a  Shareable Link to the completed montage.

Please note: You can add or delete email addresses in the composed E-mail "To" address bar.

Alternative ways to obtain the list of email addresses:

In some cases, for example, if the default e-mail client is not configured, the Compose E-mail button may not work as expected.

After the Compose E-mail button is pressed, a new Copy E-mails button will appear (for about 15 seconds). Press this button to copy the full list of e-mail addresses to your clipboard.

Or, if you're on your computer, you can also Right-click on the Compose E-mail button, and there should be an option to Copy the e-mail address there as well, which also copies the list of e-mails to your clipboard.

Once you've copied the emails, you can paste them into the To: field of a new e-mail. Please make sure you also put the Shareable Link to Video in the body of the email to share the Group Video.

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