Group Video Archiving

When a Group Video has not seen any new activity (e.g., a new creation) for six months (180 days) after its Due Date has passed, it enters an Archived state. This is to preserve your special occasion as-is while limiting the amount of video content that Memento stores long-term, allowing us to deliver better value and privacy to our users.

What does 'Archived' mean?

A Group Video in the Archived state is not editable, and no new versions of the Group Video can be created. The Video Clips (individual videos) used to complete the Group Video are no longer accessible and scheduled for permanent deletion.

What about the Group Video?

Your existing Group Video will not be affected. It will remain in place and viewable. Indefinitely, both on the Dashboard and via the  Shareable Link to Video

How do I know that a Group Video will be archived?

One month (30 days) after a Group Video is completed and the due date has passed, it will display a visible note about the planned archival. 

If you wish to delay the archival, please Extend your Due Date.

What if I want to keep the individual Video Clips forever?

If you'd also like to keep the individual video clips that make up the Group Video indefinitely, we recommend you download them and store them in a secure and backed-up location. Please see: Download an Individual Video Clip. Even though we do not archive or remove Group Videos, we recommend that you do the same for these, given their sentimental value.

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