Do Group Videos work internationally?

Short Answer

Yes! (almost everywhere, see below)

Long Answer

Memento was created with the very intention of allowing people to share love and joy from across the world, no matter the distance between them!

Getting together for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, and baby showers can be difficult for family and friends who live far apart, separated by countries, oceans, or other circumstances that make travel difficult. Our Group Video service was made to help bridge that distance and bring loved ones back together to share warm wishes and surprise gifts. 

Our business (and servers) are based in North America. Still, anyone worldwide can contribute a Video Clip, as long as they have a camera, a microphone, and a stable, high-speed internet connection. Our website and services are currently only available in English, so most of our users are in North America, the United Kingdom, and other places with a lot of English speakers. However, we have had Group Video organizers and contributors from over 100 countries worldwide, including from the continents of South America, Asia, and Africa.

There are a couple of countries that may run into some uploading trouble. In our experience, users from the United Arab Emirates sometimes run into upload speed difficulties between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and our servers. They can experience failed uploads or uploads that take a very long time, even with a connection that is otherwise a high-speed one. Memento also doesn't have much experience in countries like China that have stricter internet firewalls that may restrict traffic from a site like ours. Such issues are unfortunately beyond our control, but if they cause a significant number of your invitees to be unable to upload a video and thus make the Group Video unusable for you, just reach out to us, and we'll refund your purchase.

In-Video Text Character Support

Currently, Memento only supports the roman alphabet and associated European-language accent marks for any text that is rendered into the Group Video, such as the intro and outro. The Cyrillic alphabet, Chinese characters, Kanji, Hangul, and other international alphabets cannot be used for the intro or outro of your video.

Similarly, while we endeavor to use a translation service when needed in order to help you, our Customer Support team can only offer full support in English at this time.    

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