Do Group Videos Work Internationally?

Short Answer: Yes! (almost everywhere, see below)

Long Answer: Memento was created to connect people worldwide, enabling them to share love and joy regardless of distance. Our Group Video service facilitates gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, and baby showers, overcoming geographical barriers.

While our servers are based in North America, contributors from around the globe can participate, provided they have a camera, microphone, and stable internet connection. Although our website and services are currently in English, we've had organizers and contributors from over 100 countries worldwide.

However, users from certain countries, like the United Arab Emirates, may experience upload difficulties due to speed issues. Additionally, countries with stricter internet regulations, such as China, may encounter challenges accessing our site. If these issues prevent a significant number of your invitees from uploading videos, we'll gladly provide a refund.

In-Video Text Character Support: Currently, Memento only supports the Roman alphabet and European-language accent marks for text rendered in the Group Video, such as intros and outros. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Cyrillic, Chinese characters, Kanji, Hangul, or other international alphabets. Additionally, our Customer Support team can only offer full support in English at this time.

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