I can't log into my account

If you see " Error: User does not exist" when you try to log in to your Memento account, here are a few suggestions:

  • You may have signed up using your Facebook login rather than an email and password combination.
  • You may have signed up using a different email address. Try to log in with a different email to see if you can access your account. If you've received notifications from Memento in the past, they'll go to the email address associated with your account. This could also be the email associated with your Facebook account if you signed up using your Facebook login.
  • The Memento system won’t recognize account emails if there are any uppercase letters; please ensure sure all characters are lowercase.
  • Email us at help@memento.com and send us your Record & Upload link or the link to your dashboard, and we can help locate your account. If you have a receipt from Memento, you can also forward that to us, and we should be able to locate your account using the information included.

If you see " Error: Incorrect Username or Password" when you try to log into your Memento account, you can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot?" above the password box. Please be sure to spell your email address correctly.

"I've logged in, but my account is empty! Where are my Group Videos?"

You have to log in using the same method you used when originally signed up for your account. For example, if you originally signed up using an email and password combination and then selected the "login with Facebook" button when you log in, you'll create a new (empty) account associated with your Facebook ID rather than your email. The new account will be empty because your Group Videos are in the account accessed by typing in your email and password combination.

Similarly, if your account is associated with Facebook, and you sign-up again using an email and password, you'll be creating a new (empty) account - even if the email address you used is the same email address associated with your Facebook account.

If you think you may have accidentally created two accounts, please reach out to us at help@memento.com, and we can help.

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