How do I add a Co-organizer?

If you'd like to have another person help you manage your Group Video, you can add them as a Co-organizer. 

The Co-organizer can add and manage video clips and change the video order, text, and the final Group Video. The only exception is that the Co-organizer cannot delete the Group Video.

Co-organizer feature

In order to have a Co-organizer, you need:

  • A Premium subscription 
  • Your Co-Organizer must already have a Memento account (they do not need a subscription)

To add a Co-organizer:

1. Scroll down to the Co-organizer section of the Dashboard for your Group Video

2. Select the "Add a Co-Organizer" button

3. Enter the email address associated with your co-organizer's Memento account. If your co-organizer signed up using Facebook, enter the email associated with their Facebook account. Press "Find User."

4. You will see a description of the user associated with that email. Select them to confirm that it is the correct user, and then select the green "Add Co-organizer" button that will appear.

5. Done! You've now added your Co-organizer, and they will be able to make changes to the Group Video from their own account. 

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