How do I download the Group Video?

You can download the full video for offline viewing as a .mp4 video file with a Platinum subscription. It can be downloaded using the Download button in the Group Video section of the dashboard. Once you download the Group Video, the file is yours to keep for as long as you like on your own device.

It can also be downloaded by anyone you invite to watch the video (such as the recipient) from the Shareable Link to the Video page by clicking on the button with a download icon (the cloud with an arrow pointing down). 

We always recommend that you or the recipient download the Group Video to have a backup of this keepsake. We also recommend downloading the video in the situation where it is to be presented or displayed at an occasion where the internet may not be reliable.

Trouble downloading on iOS?

You may find that clicking the button on iOS (iPhone or iPad) does not download the file.

iOS 13.x or newer
  1. On your Dashboard, press and hold the "Download" button until a window pops up.
  2. Press Download Linked File.

Your Group Video will be saved to your device.

iOS 12.x or older

iOS (12.x or older) does not support files such as videos from being downloaded from within a browser. In this case, you may need to download it on another device (like a computer) and transfer it onto your phone.

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