How can I organize my Shared Album?

Memento makes it easy to categorize and sort your photos so you can seamlessly navigate through your memories. Shared Album folders allow you to organize all of your photos and videos neatly and efficiently. Here’s how it works:


  • To add a new folder, click the "+ Add Folder" button.
  • Give your new folder a name that represents the photos it will contain. You can choose to allow others to upload to your folder directly, or you can move photos into your folder manually. You can also choose whether or not to include your folder in the slideshow.
  • Click the “Add Folder” button to save your changes, and you’ll see your new folder in your Shared Album.
  • To add photos and videos already in your Shared Album, navigate to your album from the Shared Albums Dashboard and click on “Edit Photos.”
  • Any photos not in a designated folder will automatically be categorized as “Unsorted.”
  • Click on the photo you would like to add, and choose your folder from the dropdown menu at the bottom. Then click on the “Update” button to save your changes.

iOS App

  • If you're using the mobile app, tap on the Shared Albums tab in the bottom menu. From there, select your Shared Album.
  • Access the "Settings" option from the bottom menu.
  • In the “Album Settings” menu, choose “Folders.”
  • Next, tap the “Create Folder” button on the “Manage Folders” page.
  • Enter a name for your folder, and tap the “Add Folder” button to save your changes. The new folder will now be visible in your Shared Album.
  • Photos not placed in designated folders will be categorized as “Unsorted.”
  • To add a photo to your folder, select your photo and tap the “Edit” symbol from the bottom menu. Choose your desired folder from the dropdown menu, and then tap the “Continue” button to save your changes.

Shared Album folders offer a neat and structured way to organize your photos and videos. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out.

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