Can I change my Record & Upload Link?

Changing the link for a Group Video is unfortunately not possible.
When you start a Group Video, we use the title that you choose to generate a unique identifier for your Group Video. This unique identifier is used in your Record & Upload Link. For example:

We do it this way to keep the link private (and undiscoverable) while still providing some information in the link about the special occasion. 

The portion  jane-is-getting-married/ByuuebOwS is the unique part of the link. The unique link for a given Group Video cannot be changed after creation. This ensures that any changes do not unintentionally affect the invite links shared with family and friends. The title of the Group Video can be changed at any time, but the link will always remain the same. 

If you have not yet used the Group Video at all (by either sending the Record & Upload Link or receiving videos), we recommend creating a new Group Video with the desired title and link (and, optionally, deleting the original Group Video). Changing the link for a Group Video that is underway and has received videos is not possible.

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