Can the faces in the opening collage be changed?

Group Videos come with the option of including a selection of faces from the individual Video Clips. Here's an example:

The selection of this collage, like the rest of the Group Video creation, is entirely automated. It uses an AI algorithm that looks, as best as it can, for smiling faces. However, like all AI algorithms, it's not perfect:

  • It may be unable to detect some faces (e.g. due to lighting issues, or parts of the face being obscured)
  • It may mistake objects that are not a face for a human face (e.g. it has included a wall-clock that looked like it had eyes and a mouth)
  • It may include faces that you did not expect to see (e.g. someone in the background of a video, or a face in a poster on the wall)
  • It may not include the faces that you did want to see, because it found others that it felt more confident about
  • It may include unflattering versions of some faces (e.g. eyes closed, yawning, etc.)

The bottom line is, other than being able to exclude specific videos from being considered for this collage, the selection of faces is not customizable. If a particular face is not detected or chosen by the algorithm, it cannot be made to be included. The options are to use the faces that it detects (and remove any that you do not want to include, see below) or to leave all faces out (by choosing Show Faces? as No in the Group Video creation process).

Excluding a Video Clip from the Collage

If there are some images (faces or otherwise) in the collage that you would like to remove, this can be done by instructing Memento to skip the Video Clip from which that image came from in the facial recognition process. To do this, first identify the Video Clip from which the image originated. Then, on your dashboard, navigate to that Video Clip and select the Edit Video (Pencil) option.

In the Edit menu, select the Settings (Gear) tab. 

To exclude this Video Clip from being considered for the collage, toggle the Exclude From Face Collage option so that it displays Skip and click Apply to save your choice. Like other edits, if you have already created your Group Video, you will need to re-create it for this new preference to come into effect.

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