Creating the Group Video

If you have all the videos you're expecting to receive, or you simply want to preview what the final video will look like, you'll want to create your Group Video.

  1. Video Compilation Process:
    • Memento joins your Video Clips in the order specified, with a half-second cross-fade effect.
    • The completed video is in landscape orientation at 720p HD resolution.
    • The estimated time for video creation is displayed on the Group Video section of your dashboard, depending on the video's length.
      • Ex: A 5-minute Group Video will take about 15 minutes to create, while a 30-minute Group Video could take just over an hour. In the event your Video is not complete in the estimated time frame (30 minutes more than the estimate), please get in touch with us at
  2. Creating Your Group Video - A Quick How-To:
    • Step 1: Order Your Video Clips - Drag and Drop your clips into the desired sequence.
    • Step 2: Select "Create My Group Video" - Access the Group Video section of your Dashboard.
    • Step 3: Background and Intro - Customize the intro and change the color of the background.
    • Step 4: Outro - Customize the outro with 1-3 lines of text or select "No" for Show Outro.
    • Step 5: Background Music - Choose to include instrumental background music from the Song drop-down Menu (you cannot include custom music), with options for volume levels during intro, outro, and video clips (Select from Normal, Quiet or Silent).
  3. Final Step: Review and Creation:
    • Review your choices and confirm, if you need to make changes, just click Back.
    • Press Create to initiate the video creation process, which occurs in the cloud, allowing you to close your browser window/tab.
  4. Post-Creation Options:
    • Receive a notification email when the Group Video creation is complete.
    • Use the "Re-do my Group Video" button to make changes or add more video clips.
      • Note: Each new version of the Group Video will have a new, unique, unlisted Shareable Link To Video.
  5. Feature Suggestions:
    • Memento values user feedback for continuous improvement. For any suggestions or feedback, contact

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