Changing the Order of Videos

Videos submitted for your special occasion are displayed in the Video Clips section of the Dashboard for the Group Video. They are initially displayed in the chronological order in which they arrived (e.g., the first submitted video is #1, the second is #2, and so on).

The order of videos in this section determines the order in which they will appear in your Group Video (video #1 will appear first, and so on). To change this order, simply drag & drop each video to its desired spot.

Note: The drag & drop works on a touch-screen (phone, tablet) or with a mouse. If you're having trouble with drag & drop, try a couple of things: (1) grab it using the grip icon in the top-left corner, and (2) change the length of time between touching/clicking the video and moving it (less than one second is best)

In this example, we are dragging the second video to appear third in the sequence of videos:

As seen above, the numbering of the videos is updated after the video is dropped in place. You can do this for each video that you want to re-arrange.

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