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s a Group Video organizer, you manage the Group Video for your special occasion from what we call the Dashboard. It is a private section only you can access when you log in to Memento.

To navigate the Dashboard for a particular Group Video, select it from your Home Page (see below) or follow the link in a notification email for that Group Video.  You can get back to your Home Page anytime while logged in by clicking on the Memento logo at the top of the screen.

The Dashboard itself contains a lot of information and is divided up into five different sections:

  • Invite Contributors, Track and Share A Link - manages the pages to send out invitations to record a clip and track the submitters
  • Group Video Details - manages the page people see when they follow the Record & Upload Link.
  • Video Clips - manages all the received videos.
  • Group Video - manages creation and sharing of the video
  • Co-organizer - manages to add a co-organizer

The order of appearance of the sections varies, depending on how far along your Group Video is. Now let's look at each section and how to use it.

Invite Contributors, Track, and Share a Link

The top section is where you can enter the contributor's details and send the invitation to record a clip. Once the invitation is sent out, you can  Track your contributors to see if they have viewed the invitation to contribute or added a clip. You can also resend the invitation if needed. This selection also includes the Record & Upload link that can be shared through Facebook, WhatsApp, or copied and pasted anywhere you choose.

Group Video Details

The  Group Video Details section is where you manage the details that describe your special occasion. This information appears on your Record & Upload Page, which you initially input to create your Group Video event. This includes the following: 

  • Title
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Feature Image

You can change any of these details with a few clicks. For example, if your Group Video due date has passed, but you would like to extend it, you can do that here. 

This section also shows how many times your Record & Upload Page has been visited, so you can see if people are reading your invites!

Video Clips

The Video Clips section is where videos that are submitted to your Group Video are displayed.

In this area, you can:

Group Video

The Group Video section pertains to your final compilation video. Before you've created your Group Video, it will inform you how long your overall video will be and provide an estimate of how long it will take to put together.

From this section, you can start your Group Video creation at any time. When the Group Video is finished, it will also be displayed here. When complete, it shows a Shareable Link To Video that can be shared in many ways. It also has a Re-do my Group Video to re-do the video creation in case you receive late submissions or want to change something about the final video.

Shared Albums

There are a number of ways you can customize your Shared Album through additional album settings. To access these, go to your Dashboard (click “Shared Albums” at any time at the top of the page). From there, click “Album Settings” to get started. 

Here are just a few of the settings you can control: 


  • Photo layout (grid styles vs waterfall)
  • Photo sort method (date taken, upload date, file name, etc.)
  • Group photos by uploader


  • Allow comments and likes
  • Let people share on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


  • Confirmation emails for uploaders
  • Let others download full size photos
  • Require a password

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