Your Dashboard

As the organizer of a Group Video (or Shared Album), you manage it through the Dashboard, accessible only to you upon logging into Memento.

You can reach your Dashboard by selecting the specific Group Video from your Home Page or through a notification email. The Dashboard is divided into five sections (the order varies, depending on how far along your Group Video is):

  1. Invite Contributors, Track, and Share a Link: This section allows you to invite contributors, track their responses, and share the Record & Upload link.
  2. Group Video Details: Here, you manage information about your event, such as the title, theme, due date, and description. You can also monitor how many times your Record & Upload Page has been visited.
  3. Video Clips: This section displays all submitted videos. You can watch, reorder, edit (trim/rotate/add text), discard, and share video clips as needed.
  4. Group Video: Pertaining to your final compilation, this section provides details about the overall video length, estimated creation time, and allows you to start the Group Video creation process.
    1. Once completed, the final video and a Shareable Link are displayed here (you will also have the option to Re-Do the Group Video as many times as needed, so long as you have an active membership).
  5. Co-Organizer: This section allows you to manage or add co-organizer(s).

Shared Albums: This is a separate section that allows you to customize additional album settings, such as photo layout, privacy options, and social features.

From managing contributors to customizing album settings, the Dashboard provides comprehensive control over your Group Video and shared albums.

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