Your Record & Upload Page

Note: If you need help recording or uploading a video to a Record & Upload Page, please see: Submitting a Video Clip

Each Group Video has its own unique Record & Upload Page. The link for that page can be found on your Dashboard and looks similar to this:

The page itself, when visited from a mobile device, appears as in the example below:

n a webcam-based device (e.g., computer, laptop, tablet), it appears with a live on-screen recorder.

The Record & Upload Page has two main sections: 

The top section (i.e. Stefano's 30th Birthday!) describes the special occasion, using the text description and feature image selected by the creator of the Group Video. It also shows a countdown of how much time is left until the Due Date elapses. 

The bottom section ( Join The Group Video!) is where users can submit their videos, either by uploading or recording them on the page itself, using a mobile, webcam-based device or the Memento App.

You can also Share Video Clips to the Record & Upload Page to inspire, encourage, and provide some good examples.

If your Due Date has expired, the Record & Upload Page will display a warning message:

Please see this article to extend the due date.

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