Your Record & Upload Page

Note: If you need help recording or uploading a video to a Record & Upload Page, please see: Submitting a Video Clip

Each Group Video has its own unique Record & Upload Page. The link for that page can be found on your Dashboard and looks similar to this:

The page itself, when visited from a mobile device, appears as in the example below:

On a webcam-based device (e.g., computer, laptop, tablet), it appears with a live on-screen recorder.

The Record & Upload Page has two main sections: 

The top section (i.e. Stefano's 30th Birthday!) describes the special occasion, using the text description and feature image selected by the creator of the Group Video. It also shows a countdown of how much time is left until the Due Date elapses. 

The bottom section (Join The Group Video!) is where users can submit their videos, either by uploading or recording them on the page itself, using a mobile or webcam-based device.

You can also Share Video Clips to the Record & Upload Page to inspire, encourage, and provide some good examples.

If your Due Date has expired, the Record & Upload Page will display a warning message:

Please see this article to extend the due date.

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