Submitting a Video Clip

Video Clip submissions to a Group Video are made from its Record & Upload Page. Submissions can be made from almost any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer) as long as it has a working camera and microphone. We also have an app that makes it easy to record, upload, and edit your Video Clips! 

Submit From A Phone

Here are two ways to contribute to a Group Video using your smartphone:

  1. Memento App (iOS):
    • Download the Memento App from the App Store.
    • Click on the Record & Upload Link, which will prompt your phone to open the link in the Memento App.
    • The app will guide you to the Record & Upload page, where you can either Join the Video immediately or set a Reminder for later.
    • When you're ready to record, select Join the Video and choose to Record, Upload from your Photo Library, or Choose from your Files.
    • To Record on the App: Select Record Video (there will be a 3-second timer), then Retake or Trim the video as needed before selecting Use Video.
    • Please wait for the video to finish uploading before closing the app. (Please also see: Submit A Video Clip With the Memento App)
  2. Mobile Browser:
    • Visit the Record & Upload Page on your mobile browser and scroll down to the Join The Group Video section.
    • Press the Record or Select A Video File button to record a new video.
    • After recording, you can Play, Retake, or Use Video.
    • To upload a pre-recorded video, select Photo Library (iPhone) or Files/Gallery (Android), choose your video, and wait for the upload to complete.
    • Optional: Submit your email address with the video clip to receive updates on the final montage. You can choose to Submit or Skip this step.

Submit From A Computer

To contribute to a Group Video from your computer:

  1. Visit the Record & Upload Page:
    • Access the Record & Upload Page from a computer with a webcam (for recording) or the computer with the video clip saved (for uploading a pre-recorded video).
  2. Create an Account:
    • The new submitter will need to create an account.

  1. Record a Video:
    • Select Record Video and grant permission for your browser to access your webcam and microphone.
    • Ensure your microphone is working, as indicated by the colored bar next to the microphone icon.
    • Press the red record button to start recording your video clip.
    • Stop recording by selecting the stop button when finished.
    • Review your recording by pressing the play button. If needed, you can record again by pressing the record button.
  2. Submit Your Recording:
    • When satisfied, select the blue save icon to submit your video clip.
    • Please ensure not to leave the page until the video clip has been uploaded successfully.

Step by Step: 

Submit from a Phone

For step-by-step instructions on using our iOS Memento App, Please see: Submit A Video Clip With the Memento App.

  1. Record a New Video:
    • Press the Record or select a video file button.
    • The resulting menu will offer the choice to record a new video or upload a pre-recorded one.
    • After recording, you'll be given options to play, retake (on iPhone), cancel (on Android), or submit the video to the Group Video.
  2. Submit an Existing Video Clip:
    • Select Photo Library (iPhone) or Files (Android) to navigate to and select your video.
    • This option is ideal for selecting a previously recorded video, especially if multiple takes are needed.
  3. After Video Selection:
    • Once chosen, your submission will automatically begin uploading with a progress indicator.
    • Upload time varies based on factors such as internet speed, file size, and geographic location relative to our servers.
    • Do not leave the page until the upload completes to ensure successful submission.
    • Optionally submit your email address when prompted to be notified about the final Group Video.

Submit From A Computer

  1. Visit the Record & Upload Page:
    • Access the page from a device with a webcam.
    • Click on "Upload Video" and select your video to begin the upload process.
  2. Ensure Successful Upload:

To submit with a webcam :

  1. Visit the Record & Upload Page:
    • Access the page from a device with a webcam.
    • An on-screen recorder will appear in the Join the Group Video! section.
  2. Record Your Video:
    • Wait for the recorder to load, then start recording your video.
    • Your browser may request access to your webcam and microphone. Allow access to proceed.
  3. Recording Process:
    • The recording process may vary based on your web browser.
    • Ensure your microphone is working by checking the microphone icon's reaction when you speak.
  4. Start Recording:
    • Click on the Record button to start recording. The button will turn into a red Stop button while recording.
  5. Review and Save:
    • After recording, review your video and listen to the audio.
    • If satisfied, press the Save button to submit your video.
    • Upon completion, you may be prompted for your email address, which is optional.
  6. Confirmation of Submission:
    • Once the upload is complete, you'll receive a prompt for your email address.
    • This serves as confirmation that your video submission was successfully received.
    • Additionally, the answer to "Has my video clip been received?" below the recorder will change from "Not Yet" to "Yes!"

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