How to invite people to add a Video Clip

There are many ways to invite people to contribute to your Group Video. 

Contributors List

Friends, family, and colleagues can be added to the Contributors List with an email address or phone number. Once added, you can easily invite contributors who will receive an email or text message with the link to participate in your Group Video! 

Add by Email or Phone:

Simply add the Contributor Name, along with their email or phone number, then press Add. As more people are added to the Contributor List, their names and email addresses or phone numbers will appear below.

Paste a list:

To add multiple contacts at once, you can paste a list. Enter or paste a list of emails or phone numbers separated by commas, semicolons, or returns. Example:,, or "Jessie Smith" <>

Import email addresses from CSV:

If you have a larger list, you may want to import your list from a CSV. Currently, we can only import CSVs containing email addresses - the ability to add phone numbers is coming soon!

Click " Import from CSV", then click the Upload button. Navigate to the correct folder and select the file to upload.

  • If you are having trouble: The most common issue when uploading is that the CSV file is missing the column titles. The file will need at least one column titled "Email Address". Open your file before you upload and make sure to add one of these column titles if they are not already there. Other columns titles "First Name" and "Last Name" will also be imported if present. These column titles must be in the cells at the very top of the spreadsheet.
  • After all of the column titles are in place, try uploading again. If you continue to have trouble, please email us for further assistance.  Make sure to attach the file that is giving you trouble.

To create a CSV file from Excel, open the spreadsheet in Excel. From the "File" menu, choose "Save As," and then change the "Save as type" to "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.CSV)". Click Save. Now you are ready to upload the CSV file.

Record & Upload Link

Every Group Video has a unique Record & Upload Link to its Record & Upload Page. A Record & Upload link looks like this:

This link is case-sensitive. It must be entered exactly as it is shown. We recommend you copy and paste the link as needed.

To invite people to join your Group Video, send them the Record & Upload Link! You can use email, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other communication method you and your invitees prefer (just remember to keep the link a secret if this is a surprise for someone!)

The  Record & Upload Link can be found under the "Share a Link" section or on your Dashboard. Press the "Copy" button to copy the link to your clipboard. From there, you can paste it into an email, a message, or whatever suits you! Memento counts how many times your link has been visited (including visits by yourself) and displays the number on your Dashboard.

Note: If you are sending the link with Messenger, please instruct your invitees to open the link in a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, rather than Facebook's in-app browser. Facebook's in-app browser is limited in its capacity to do complex things like recording/uploading video.
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