How do I know my video was received?

When submitting a Video Clip to a Group Video, you want to ensure that your Video Clip was received. There are two indicators on the Record & Upload Page that tell you the video submission was successful.

The Group Video organizer is also notified by email for each video submission.

Memento App:

If you submitted using the Memento App (iOS), the confirmation sign to look for is the "Uploading..." pop-up at the bottom of your screen which will change to Video Submitted! once the upload is complete. Stay in the app until the video is uploaded and you will see a "Thanks for the Video!" screen.


Email Prompt

The first indicator is the e-mail prompt. If you are shown the  Thanks for the Video Clip! pop-up and asked for your e-mail address, as shown below, which means we successfully received your video.

Supplying your e-mail address is optional. Your e-mail will be passed on to the Group Video organizer.

"Has My Video Clip Been Received?"

The second indicator is the part of the  Join the Video! section that says Has my Video Clip been received?. It appears under the submit button on mobile and under the on-screen recorder on a webcam-based device. 

  • Not Yet means that you have yet to submit the Video Clip or it is still in the process of uploading (indicated by a loading animation)
  • Yes! confirms that your video was successfully received, and the Group Video organizer has been notified.

Leaving the Record & Upload Page before the Yes! confirmation will prevent your video from being submitted. 

If you previously successfully submitted a video and revisit the page later, the status shown will be Not Yet. This status is only related to your current submission attempt, not previous attempts.

What if I exited before the confirmation arrived?

Unfortunately, if the Record & Upload Page is exited prematurely, the video will not reach us or the Group Video you submitted it to. If you are unsure whether your video was submitted, please reach out to the Group Video organizer - if they have their notifications turned on, they'll receive a notification email for every video successfully submitted.

If it was a pre-recorded video saved on your phone or computer, you could simply try submitting it again. However, if it was a video clip that you recorded in the video recorder, then it is not recoverable, and you will need to record another video and submit it successfully. If you need help submitting your video, please see: Submitting a Video Clip

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