Are my videos private?

Memento offers a Group Video service that helps you, and people you invite, create videos intended to be shared with a recipient, but that often contain meaningful and intimate messages. In many cases, a Group Video is a secret surprise to be kept from its recipient until the finished product is ready. We recognize the importance of your privacy and your ability to use the service seamlessly and strive to strike the best balance between those factors.

Our approach to privacy

Our privacy approach can be summarized as follows:

  • All content is private, by default
  • Sharing of Group Video content is controlled by the Group Video creator/organizer (the user). 
  • Memento, in general, does not share your private content.*

    *In exceptional cases, if Memento wishes to share something you've created to promote our brand, a worthy cause, or for any other reason, we will contact the Group Video organizer directly and only proceed with consent.

Private and Unlisted

The privacy of different content on Group Video falls into two categories:

  1. Private: Only viewable when logged in with a unique username and password
  2. Unlisted: Only viewable and shareable by those who have the impossible-to-guess link

Whether private or unlisted, user-generated content will not appear in search results.

Video Content

All videos at Memento are unlisted by default. They are initially visible to the Group Video organizer only. 

For individual Video Clips, this means that upon submission they are only viewable by the Group Video Organizer. The Group Video organizer may choose to share a video, on the Recording & Upload page, for example, to encourage participation.

For the final Group Video, it is also the choice of the Group Video organizer to, for example, send the link for this video just to a single recipient, to the recipient and the participants, or to share it widely on social media. Once the recipient or the participants receive the shareable link, it can be shared again.

Other Content

The dashboard for a specific Group Video and all of the information in it is private and only accessible by the Group Video organizer when logged in.

Conversely, the Record & Upload page, which you invite many people to, is unlisted, for two reasons:

  1.  We don't want anyone other than those that you invite to be able to find this page (unlisted means that it will not be indexed by search engines)
  2.  People you invite should not be burdened with creating a Memento account and logging in simply to contribute a video; hence this page being unlisted instead of private.

Payment information is private and handled almost entirely by our payment processor, Stripe. We do not store any identifiable payment information (credit card information, address, etc.) on our servers.

The Memento Team

At Memento, our technical and customer support team can view user content (video and text) only for the purposes of troubleshooting a specific problem. We have a strict code of conduct for only accessing such content when necessary to solve a user-specific issue.

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