Creating Group Videos with Very Large Groups

Planning an event with a significant number of contributors may raise concerns about exceeding the maximum duration limit of one hour for a Group Video. However, there are options available to address this:

Option 1 - Divide and Invite:

  • If you anticipate more than one hour of video footage, divide your invitees into logical groups (e.g., by classrooms for a school event).
  • Create separate Group Videos for each group, assigning them unique Record & Upload Links.
  • For instance, if you expect two hours of content, divide your invitee list into at least three groups and create corresponding Group Videos.

Option 2 - Collect Now; Split Content Later:

  • If unsure about the number of Group Videos needed, create one Group Video and invite all contributors.
  • Collect as much content as necessary within this Group Video, even exceeding 100 minutes.
  • If exceeding the one-hour limit, split the Group Video into multiple ones as needed.
  • Although more work is involved, this option allows flexibility in managing contributions.

For further guidance on moving video clips between Group Videos, refer to "How Do I Move Video Clips from One Group Video to Another?"

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