Creating Group Videos with very large groups

If you're planning an event and expect a considerable number of people (e.g., more than 100) to contribute to your Group Video, you may be concerned about exceeding the maximum allowed duration for a Group Video of one hour (60 min). Not to worry! There are a few options available to you. 

In this situation, we recommend that, through one of the methods described below, you create multiple Group Videos. 

Option 1 - Divide and Invite

This option is best used when you are 100% certain you will have over one hour of video footage.
  1. Split your list of invitees/submitters into logical groups (e.g., a school could divide their invitees by classroom)
  2. Create one Group Video for each group, and invite them to their own Group Video with its corresponding unique Record & Upload Link. 

For example, if you expect two hours (120 minutes) of content, you would be well-advised to divide your invitee list into at least three groups (and perhaps more, if it makes logical sense) and create as many corresponding Group Videos to invite them to.

Option 2 - Collect now; Split up the content later

This option is best used when you are unsure how many Group Videos you will need
Simply create one Group Video and invite everyone to it. You can collect as much content as you need within it (over 100 minutes); you just won't be able to create a single final montage from all of that content. Instead, if you go over the one-hour limit, you can split the Group Video into two or more, depending on your needs. 
This option is a little more work for you. Please see How do I move Video Clips from one Group Video to another?
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