How Do I Move Video Clips from One Group Video to Another?

In some situations, you may need to transfer Video Clips (individual videos) from one Group Video project to another. For example:

  • You created two Group Videos for one occasion and want to merge them.
  • You have one Group Video that needs to be shorter or needs to move some of its content over to an additional Group Video.

In this situation, you'll have two Group Videos. The one which contains the Video Clips you want to move, we'll call the Source. The other one, we'll call the Destination. Here are the steps to move the Video Clips over:

  1. Download the Video Clips from the Source 

  1. Upload the Video Clips to the Destination. You may need to extend the due date on the Destination if it has passed.
  2. If you're keeping the Source, discard the Video Clips you moved over.
  3. If you don't need the Source anymore, delete it.

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