Managing e-mail notifications

Memento sends you e-mail notifications when you start a new Group Video, when someone submits a Video Clip, and when your final Group Video is ready. You can adjust these e-mail notifications to suit your needs at any time by accessing the settings in your Profile.

To access your profile settings, log into Memento, and click on the "Hi, [Your Name]" with a gear icon located in the header bar menu at the top right. On a smaller device (such as a mobile phone), you click on the expandable menu button in the top right corner of the header bar and then on the gear icon to open Your Profile:

By default, all e-mail notifications will be enabled.

New Video Clips: You will receive an email notification once a new Video Clip is submitted to your dashboard.

Group Video Ready: You will receive an email when your Group Video has completed rendering.

New Group Video Started: You will receive an email once a new Group Video has started.

To disable a type of notification, select the toggle switch next to that type of notification, and it will turn to the Off position. For example, if you do not want to receive an email when you receive a new Video Clip submission or when you start a new Group Video, your toggle buttons should be set like this:

If you'd like to disable all notifications, select the Enabled toggle switch, and it will switch to Disabled - this will stop all e-mail notifications, and you will have to log into your dashboard to see if people have sent in Video Clips or whether your Group Video is ready. When e-mail notifications are entirely disabled, your e-mail notification settings will no longer display the individual email types. 

This is a good option for those who might share email accounts with the person they're trying to surprise!

Siri Notifications:

For iPhone users, your phone's operating system may remind you of web pages you frequently visit, such as a Record & Upload Page. This is known as a  "Siri Suggestion" and is not sent or initiated by Memento. Please see Siri's Suggestions for information on how to disable them.

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