VidHug is Now Memento!

We're thrilled to share that Memento has joined the esteemed family of brands under Punchbowl®—the leading platform for online invitations and digital greeting cards. This exciting development marks just the beginning of our journey together, as we strive to offer innovative ways to record, create, and cherish your memories. Rest assured, our commitment to providing a user-friendly platform with exceptional customer support remains unchanged. To address any questions you may have about this transition, we've compiled the following FAQs:

  1. Where do I log into my VidHug account? Your VidHug account is now a Memento account! Simply log in with your existing email and password on our login page or any dashboard links. You can continue to create and customize group videos effortlessly. (See: Logging In)
  2. What will happen to my existing Group Videos? Your existing Group Videos (formerly Group Hugs) will remain intact. We'll continue to store them indefinitely, ensuring your memories are preserved. You may notice some changes in dashboard colors, and the Memento logo will replace the VidHug logo during video creation.
  3. Will my invitation and shareable links still work? Absolutely! All your links, including invite and shareable video links, will remain functional. New Group Videos will have links, while old links will automatically redirect to
  4. Why has some terminology changed? Along with the name change to Memento, we've updated certain terms to better align with our vision. For instance, "Hugs" are now "Video Clips," "Hug Page" is now "Record & Upload Page," and "Group Hugs" are now "Group Videos." This change reflects our broader focus on offering diverse ways to preserve memories.
  5. What is Punchbowl®? Punchbowl® is a renowned platform for online invitations and digital greeting cards, known for its exceptional technology and user-friendly interface. With Punchbowl's support, Memento aims to enhance your ability to plan, celebrate, and share memories of your family's important moments. Visit to learn more about Punchbowl®.

We're excited about this partnership and look forward to providing you with an enhanced experience for all your memory-making endeavors.

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