VidHug is now Memento!

We're excited to announce that we've joined the family of brands under Punchbowl® — the gold standard in online invitations and digital greeting cards. Our new name is just the beginning! Memento will offer fresh new ways to record, make and preserve your memories. In the coming months, we will work together to offer you everything you need for your most important celebrations.

Our platform will remain easy to use with great customer support. We're here to help and answer your questions! To start, you may be wondering how this news impacts your Group Videos. We've assembled the FAQs below to answer all of your pressing questions.


Where do I log into my VidHug account? 

Your VidHug account is now a Memento account! You can log in to your account with the same email and password that you've always used -- just go to our login page, or access any of your dashboard links. You will still be able to create a group video, customize it exactly as you'd like, and share or download it as a keepsake. It will remain easy to use! See: Logging In

What will happen to my existing Group Videos?

Your existing Group Videos (formerly called "Group Hugs") will stay right where they are! We will continue to store your Group Video compilations indefinitely (Please see: For how long is my Group Video viewable?). If you have a Group Video in progress, you will notice that some of the colors in your Dashboard have changed. When you create your Group Video, you will see the Memento logo in the bottom right corner, instead of the VidHug logo.

Will my invitation and shareable links still work?

Yes! All of your links (invite link, shareable link to video) will still work. Any new Group Videos created will get new links. Any old links from completed or in-progress Group Videos will automatically redirect to You don't need to do anything; we've taken care of it, so that we can continue to offer you the same easy experience as always!

Why has some of the terminology changed?

You may have noticed that along with the name change to Memento, some other terms have changed, too. Hugs are now Video Clips, your Hug Page is now your Record & Upload Page, and Group Hugs are now Group Videos. The word "hug" was a big part of what made VidHug fun and cute; but, as much as we hate to admit it, hugs aren't appropriate for every single occasion. As Memento, we will offer fresh new ways to record, make, and preserve your memories. 

What is Punchbowl®?

Punchbowl® is the critically acclaimed technology platform for online invitations and digital greeting cards. The Company runs its platform on and best-in-class iOS and Android apps. More than 200 million online invitations and digital greeting cards have been sent on Punchbowl. With the addition of Memento, you will have everything you need to plan, celebrate, create, and share memories of your family’s most important celebrations. To learn more about Punchbowl®, visit

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