Deleting Your Account

To delete your Memento account and associated data, please email from the email address linked to your account to confirm ownership. Account deletion requests cannot be processed through the help Beacon. Account deletion permanently removes all data, including images and videos. The deletion process occurs within 10 business days.

We cannot accept account deletion requests made through the help Beacon (the '?' in the bottom-right corner of the app) because it does not confirm ownership of an e-mail address. 

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Does it Cost Money to have An Account With Memento? 

Regarding account costs, new customers can create a Group Video for free during their trial period, with the subscription starting after the trial. Inactive content may be archived after a period of inactivity, but Group Videos remain accessible. Learn more about subscription options here.

To remove or hide a Group Video and associated videos, follow the instructions for deleting a Group Video. Deleting the Group Video will make it inaccessible.

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