Group Videos for Businesses & Organizations

What are Group Videos for Business?

As Group Videos gain popularity, businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes leverage them to engage clients, employees, and more. Feedback from these users has been instrumental in enhancing Group Videos with additional features tailored to their needs. Here are some customizable options currently available:

  1. Custom Logos: Businesses can personalize their Group Videos by adding their own logos, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.
  2. Custom Intro & Background Color: Users can choose custom colors for the intro and background, aligning the video aesthetics with their brand's visual identity.
  3. Per-Video Lower-Third Text: This feature allows users to display name and affiliation details, such as job title, department, or location, on a per-video basis, enhancing personalization and context.

These features are currently accessible to users, offering enhanced customization options for businesses utilizing Group Videos.

How Do We Use the New Features?

Below are our guides to our business features and how to use them:

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