Can I review my submitted video?

Getting a video submission right on the first try isn't easy for anyone, even people with experience in front of a camera! Naturally, you may want multiple takes before ending up with one you like.

You have the opportunity to review your submissions only  before you upload them:

  • Using the built-in recorder, either with a webcam or mobile device, you will have a chance to review the video before uploading it.  See Submitting a Video Clip for the details on those steps.
  • If you are uploading a previously-recorded video, please review it before you submit it for upload. It is assumed that saved files submitted for upload have already been reviewed.

What about after I submit it?

Much like leaving someone a voicemail or sending them an email, once your video has been uploaded, it becomes private and can only be viewed by the Group Video organizer. If you're wondering whether your video was received, here are the signs to look for. If you are still unsure, please contact your Group Video organizer and ask them. At Memento, we receive thousands of video submissions daily and cannot verify individual submissions.

Can I delete or undo a submission?

Once the video has been submitted, it is controlled by the Group Video organizer. They can easily discard any accidental submissions. So go ahead if you want to submit a second or third time using the same Record & Upload Link. If you want to ensure that the Group Video organizer uses the correct video, contact them and let them know.

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