Can I Review My Submitted Video?

Submitting a perfect video on the first try can be challenging for anyone, so don't worry if you need multiple takes to get it right! You can review your submissions before uploading them, whether you're using the built-in recorder or uploading a pre-recorded video. See Submitting a Video Clip for the details on those steps:

What About After I Submit It?

Once uploaded, your video becomes private and can only be viewed by the Group Video organizer. To confirm its receipt, look for specific signs, or reach out to the organizer directly. Unfortunately, we cannot verify individual submissions due to the high volume we receive.

Can I Delete or Undo A Submission?

If you need to delete or replace a submission, contact the Group Video organizer. They have the authority to discard accidental submissions and ensure the correct video is used for the project. Feel free to submit multiple times using the same link until you're satisfied with your contribution.

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