Someone submitted a Video Clip to my Group Video, but I don't see it

When a video is submitted to your Group Video, Memento will send you an e-mail notifying you of that submission that looks like this:

If a video is submitted and you do not receive such a notification, the e-mail may have gone to your Spam or Junk folder, or you may not have an e-mail address associated with your Memento account.

If someone you invited to your Group Video informs you that they submitted a Video clip, but you do not receive a notification of the video and cannot see the video on your Dashboard, the most common cause is that the video submission was not completed successfully (and perhaps exited prematurely). 

In rarer cases, the submitter may mistakenly create their own account and Group Video and submit a video clip to it instead of to yours. In this case, they, not you, would receive the confirmation e-mail. You will have to ask them to re-submit their video using your Record & Upload Link, rather than their own.

Please ensure that your submitters follow the submission steps and look for the confirmation signs that their video clip was received. If their second attempt to submit a video is confirmed to be successful on their end and you still do not receive a notification or see the video on your Dashboard, please contact us.

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