Sharing the Group Video

After creating your Group Video, here's how you can share and download it (A Platinum Membership is required to Download the Video):

  1. Sharing Options:
    • Go to the Group Video section of your dashboard to access the completed video.
    • You can share the video with the intended recipients by adding their email addresses and editing the note to them. Before you share it, only you can access the Group Video, as it is unlisted.

    • Optionally, share it with everyone who participated in the Group Video.
    • Use the Notify Contributors icon to send the completed Shareable link to all invited or submitting contributors.

  2. Sharing with a Link:
    • Copy and paste the Group Video link into your email or social media posts.
    • Anyone with the link can access the video.
  3. Downloading the Group Video:
    • With a Platinum subscription, you can download the video as a .mp4 file.
    • Use the Download button in the Group Video section of the dashboard.
    • Recipients invited to watch the video can also download it from the Shareable Link to the Video page.
    • Trouble Downloading on iOS devices:
      • For iOS 13.x or newer, press and hold the "Download" button until a window pops up, then select "Download Linked File."
      • For iOS 12.x or older, since it doesn't support downloading files from a browser, you may need to download it on another device and transfer it onto your phone.

We always recommend that you or the recipient download the Group Video to have a backup of this keepsake. We also recommend downloading the video when it is presented or displayed on an occasion without a reliable internet connection.

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